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Saudi Hayya is a liquid token that combines the possibility of supporting charitable organizations with a lucrative reward system for everyone who participates in the voting process

About Saudi Hayya

Saudi Hayya is a completely community-driven symbol created for charity, where a portion of the taxes generated from each transaction will be used for charity, to help children who love soccer and sports but are unable to do so due to their circumstances.

Meanwhile, in the future, Saudi Hayya will develop four main segments - NFT, Gamefi, DeFi and Web 3 - and build a new LP pledge mining operation model based on these four segments. In the end, part of the proceeds will be used for charity, helping children

Token Economics

8% Taxes and fees

8 %
Taxes and fees
2 %
3 %
Team Marketing
3 %
NFT Casting
100 %

Saudi Hayya NFT


The charity Saudi Hayya has established will help many children to realize their dreams, and Saudi Hayya will set up a foundation to help them with their dreams.

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Route Map

Phase 1:

Website launch
Telegraph community marketing
Saudi Hayya NFT Development
2000 UK Daily Telegraph members
YouTube marketing
Overseas and domestic community marketing
Charity Foundation Establishment

Phase 2

5000 Telegraph members
Saudi Hayya GAMEFI development test
YouTube marketing
Twitter marketing
Instagram marketing
Charitable Foundation for charity activities
NFT community award campaign

Phase 3

20,000 Telegraphers
Pledge Contract
AMA Launchpad
Saudi Hayya Marketing Launchpad
Establishment of Help Dream Foundation
CMC & CG Listing
Major CEX Listings


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Saudi Hayya Help Your Dream Foundation will be launched soon ......

More information will be released soon!

How to buy Saudi Hayya

Download and set up METAMASK or TRUST WALLET

Download Meta Mask (a crypto wallet in the form of a browser extension) and Trust Wallet (mobile application). After that, you have to add Binance Smart Chain to the list of networks.

Buy BNB and send it to METAMASK

Buy BNB on an exchange (e.g. Binance , Kraken , Coinbase , etc.) and transfer the token to your Meta Mask wallet address.


Go to Pancake Swap and use the contract address to find the token. Set the slippage tolerance to 8 % (but may be higher depending on demand).

View and Book

Use BNB to exchange tokens. You will now need to add it to your Meta Mask or Trust wallet to see your current holdings. Finally, HO DL!


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